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Work Areas


Public Safety

Police, fire and ambulatory departments

work with us to donate equipment to departments in DR. 

Public safety departments are

under equiped in DR.


Public Health

We deliver medical supplies and establish

small temporary clinics in rural DR.

Our partnership with dozens of hospitals and public health institutions in the United States is critical to this work.



We plant thousands of trees each year, coordinate community-wide clean-ups

and public awareness campaigns.

We've collected thousands of pounds

of waste in the environmentally rich communities

of the Dominican Republic. 


Ed Tech

At our annual mission, we deliver laptops

to students in need. 

Partnerships with schools and tech companies

are key to ensuring this mission continues.



We know sports play an important role

for many Dominican youth. We deliver baseball, basketball and soccer equipment

and uniforms. 

Youth sports leagues in the US are key to 

this partnership.

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